Linear Regression plot

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Plotting the relationship between a scalar dependent variable y and one explanatory variable x with a fit line.

Input a tab delimited text file with headers. If your data is not TAB delimited, you can use Excel to convert it. The data in the first column is variable x while the data in the second column is variable y. Here's an example:

x	y
1	1.0
2	1.9
3	3.5
4	4.5
5	6.2
6	7.5
7	9.2
8	10.5
9	11.3
10	12.3


① Plot title: define the title of the linear regression plot

② x axis title: define the title of x axis

③ y axis title: define the title of y axis

④ color: define the color of fit line and scatters. The first color is the color of fit line and the second the scatters.

⑤ scatter size: define the size of scatters

⑥ scatter name: define the name of scatters


A linear regression plot in PNG/JPEG/PDF/SVG format

Example:example file