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2015-10-19 15:14:22

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  • Home page includes five parts. 1, What’s New in OmicShare, showing the recently released OmicShare activities. 2, Video courses, showing the recent online courses. 3, Task, showing the recent tasks you have submitted. 4, Messages, including task complement notifications and other system messages. 5, Memory usage, showing the usage of storage space with a pie chart.

My tools

  1. There are 42 tools in total at present including seven types: table tools, sequence processing tools, sequence alignment tools, statistics tools, visualization tools, format conversion tools and senior tools.
  2. You have to spend some coins to use some tools.
  3. You can quickly search a tool by types. You can also collect your favorite tools so that you can find it quickly in “my collection” section.

My data

  1. My data section stores all the files users have uploaded. Users can set up new folders, upload and download files, move files, rename files, delete files, search files, and operate in batch. Note that the name of folders and files can not contain specific characters.
  2. We recommend upload the files first before using a tool to save time and speed up task operation. As shown above, users can search a file according key words, file size, file format, modification time, etc.
  3. Recycle bin stores deleted files which can be restored or deleted completely. It supports batch deletion and restoration.

Tool interface

Upload input files and set up parameters in the left. You can refer to Instructions and Example in the right for more information. After submitting your task, the page will switch to task operating page and start running tasks.

My task

  1. Task status includes failure, line up, running, and completed. The system automatically refresh the task list every 3 minutes. Users can also manually refresh the task list every one minute. Users can search tasks by keywords including task ID, task status and submit time.
  2. There is also a Task folder in my data, which save the results of tasks.

Credits and coins

The usage of some tools may require OmicShare coins. If you do not have enough coins, you can earn coins in the following ways:
Way 1: Complete your information of OmicShare, including setting an avatar, mailbox certification, and log in every day.
Way 2: Post or reply in OmicShare Forum. You can get 3 coins for a post and 1 coin for a reply.
Way 3: Invite your friends to register OmicShare. You can get 20 coins for successfully inviting a new user to register and activate his/her account.
Attachment: using software the currency use rules
Credits are related to your membership grades. The higher the grade, the more privileges you have. Log in to get one credit every day. You can get three extra credits for consecutive login for a week.

The new message

  1. New messages include system messages and personal messages.
  2. System messages include notification of the completeness of a task and other system messages.
  3. Personal messages are replies of your feedback sent by administrator.

The user menu

  1. Modify the personal basic information, such as update password, phone, email.
  2. Coins exchange: if you get a point card, you can exchange for credits or coins here.
  3. Exit: log out system.

Contact us

If you have questions or suggestions, you can tell us in one of the following four ways: QQ, post in forum, send an email, and fill in a form. We recommend QQ and BBS posts, which can get the answers more quickly.