Case one

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2015-10-30 10:14:22

There are two differences in gene expression data (10 _centigrade and 25 _centigrade), need to draw Venn diagram, and get the intersection gene expression of the content, functional annotation present all the information in master genes.
Operation process is to first use Venn diagram tool to obtain the name of the differentially expressed genes the intersection of the two groups, and then use form screening tool to obtain by the intersection of gene expression and functional annotation present all the information in master genes.
①sourcefile: File one     File two
②Files: one is the difference between the two groups of gene expression data, using Venn diagram software input file, you can get the result is the intersection of two groups of different genes gene name.
two is a table showing the gene, an input file when using form filtering software. Can get a intersection gene in total list all of the information.
③The use of tools: Venn diagram     Screening form
1.Draw the Venn diagram, get the difference between the two groups of genes

1)According to the packed data format requirements, submit the task


2).To view and download the results of the analysis

To the "my tasks" to check the Venn diagram analysis results. Click on the intersection part of the Venn diagram, intersection genetic information will change accordingly. Then intersection gene ID copy, form into the next phase of screening.

2.Extracted from table showing the gene expression of overlap gene expression quantity information, etc

Copies the intersection of gene ID paste to the filter "form" tools "to extract name list" in the data frame, or saved as a TXT file and upload again. Of gene expression and then upload the entire table, undertake choosing according to whether there is a header, and select the first column.

3.Submit a task, to check the data