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2015-10-19 15:14:22


Membership grades include Common User-newbie, Common User-veteran and VIP member in the ascending order. The higher the grade, the more privileges you have. Membership grade is correlated with credits.

Privileges and Functions Common User-newbie Common User-veteran VIP member
Credits requirement(points) 1~300 >300 500RMB
Maximum single file size uploaded (M) 200 500 1000
Number of files uploaded at a time (item) 10 15 50
Personal storage capacity (G) 5 20 100
Permission to senior tools paid paid free
Maximum daily task delivery number (item) unlimited unlimited unlimited
Priority of task processing higher highest instant
waitted time to refresh tasks(s) 10 5 0
Video Play paid paid Mostly free
Video SpeedUp Player
Distinguished member ID
OSclass video update
OSforum sign in for double bonus
bookshop on sale
note:You are Common User-newbie when registered successfully.

Way to get credits

(1)Log in to get one credit every day. You can get three extra credits for consecutive login for a week.
(2)You can get a point card from OmicShare Forum, Genedenovo website and Genedenovo WeChat Official Account.

How to earn OmicShare coins?

Way 1: Complete your information of OmicShare, including setting an avatar, mailbox certification, and log in every day.
Way 2: Post or reply in OmicShare Forum. You can get 3 coins for a post and 1 coin for a reply.
Way 3: Invite your friends to register OmicShare. You can get 20 coins for successfully inviting a new user to register and activate his/her account.
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